Tofu Ambassadors

Everyone are welcome to become our ambassadors and share information about the Tofu Project. You can get more TOFU tokens if you will use your unique link to our website.

To get one all you need is to have TRON wallet and register your address using this form

Promote the link on your social media pages and if some of your friends decide to buy tokens on our website you will get additional tokens as a bonus.

The amount of your bonus depends on your ambassador status. If you don’t have TOFU or have less than 1000 TOFU tokens you will receive only 1% bonus. If you have more than 1000 TOFU then your status is as follows:

Silver 500 TOFU or more 2% bonus
Gold 2000 TOFU or more 5% bonus
Platinum 5000 TOFU or more 10% bonus
Governor 100000 TOFU or more 15% bonus

Please note that you need to use the same TRON address where you keep your TOFU to generate the link. Your status will be automatically adjusted in case of balance change. So, if you send your TOFU to another address your status will be revoked.


Governors are people who have 100,000 TOFU or more. Governors will be able to:

  • Initiate community votes on new protocol changes
  • Add their tokens to default list of tokens on the TofuSwap*
  • Promote their tokens on our websites

* Default list will be limited to some predefined amount of most liquid tokens. Governors will be able to add new tokens to the list even if they didn’t reach required liquidity threshold.

If you are ambassador or governor and wants to be added to our website, please contact us. We will need your email and social media profile link.